• 2005

    BA in English Language and Literature.

  • 2013

    MA in TESOL.

  • 2005-2021

    Working in various settings with people of different ages and levels.

  • 2020

    Launching Online LinguaTerra.

I am Georgia Georgogianni, born and raised in Greece and  a proud co-founder of Online LinguaTerra. I have been involved in English Language teaching  since 2005 and I have taught over 15,000 hours in different contexts both in Greece and the UK. I hold a BA in English Language and Literature  and an  MA in TESOL. Also, I am TEFL certified.

Besides teaching young learners and adults I have taught refugees, preparing them for  their English Language exams. My main interest lies in teaching with technology and assessment and I am a speaking examiner for the Cambridge exams as well as an interlocutor and marker for the LanguageCert exams. Knowing that different age groups need different teaching approaches, I decided to complete a course in The Theatre in Education to make my lessons for young learners more engaging and funnier.

Driven by creative passion, my desire is to develop a new mindset in the field of language learning and leave my mark in the education industry.

  • 2006

    ΒΑ in English Language and Literature

  • 2013

    MA in TESOL

  • 2006-2021

    Working in various settings with people of different ages and levels.

  • 2020

    Launching Online LinguaTerra

My name is Anta Makri, I come from Greece and I am a proud co-founder of Online LinguaTerra. My teaching journey started almost thirteen years ago in 2006 when I took my degree in English Language and Literature. A few years later I completed my MA in Tesol successfully and specialized in teaching English as a foreign language.

As an English teacher I have worked for over 15,000 hours in various settings with different people of different levels and ages, both young learners and adults. However, my journey continues as teaching is not only my profession but my passion as well! Besides having qualified as a teacher, I am also certified in subtitling. What I also enjoyed a lot is an E-Learning Seminar I attended, Theatre in Education, as it gave me new perspectives in teaching.

My career and my inner need to experiment with new methods and technologies have motivated me to start Online Lingua Terra and try to inject all this passion into the field of language learning.

Athens born  and raised, Korina has been an English teacher for over 27 years. A graduate of ACG, the American College of Greece, Pierce and Deree where she first studied Business Administration with a major in Management and Organizational Behaviour.

Moving to London at a young age, she decided to specialise in TEFL and she got a TEFL diploma from the Polytechnic of Central London which is now the UCL, as polytechnics changed their names in Britain. After returning to Greece she opened and successfully ran her own private language schools  in Piraeus and Kallithea for twenty years. After that, and because of the increase of young students with learning problems and difficulties, she decided to specialise in Learning Difficulties and Behaviour problems and she obtained a Level 7, BTEC Advanced  Professional Diploma from Edexcel International.

 She is currently a speaking examiner for CaMLa  exams  (Michigan : MET, ECCE, ECPE, BCCE), a supervisor and speaking examiner for Cambridge exams, an  interlocutor and marker for LanguageCert exams, and a supervisor and speaking examiner for IELTS exams. Lastly, she has  taught at the National Center of Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) and the Hellenic Parliament. At present, she teaches at PMI (Papastratos) and Horizon SA as an OAED instructor (LAEK lessons). 

In Korina’s future plans are  summer schools in Britain and abroad. Her motto is “Teachers have no age. They are as old as their student at time.”

Hi, my name is Natassa. I am originally from Australia. I now live in Greece
and have been teaching English as a second language to Greek children and
other nationalities.
My BA is in English Literature and I have a Cambridge Delta. Before
becoming an English teacher I studied Music and Composition in Australia
and Greece. At first, I taught Music and then I got a call from a woman who
owned a school. She wanted me to combine English with Music. By doing
this, I discovered interesting and fun ways of teaching the language.
I consider myself to be a very experienced teacher. I have been teaching for
25 years-three of which have been teaching Chinese students online. I am
also an examiner and Creative Writing teacher. My experience and education
has taught me different teaching approaches and methodologies. I believe
that a teacher should challenge themselves by trying out new ways of
teaching in class. By doing this, a teacher can find out exactly what teaching
approach suits a child and can use it effectively in class. I also believe that a
lesson should be interesting and fun.
I have many hobbies and interests which are dancing, singing, doing Zumba,
bike-riding, playing the piano, writing music and writing short stories. I also
have published two poetry and short story books, have taken part in aerobics
competitions and have played with an orchestra as a piano soloist.
My motto is, ‘You make your living by teaching, but your profession is

Hi, my name is Mia, and I am American. I was born in New Jersey and spent my childhood between the U.S. and Greece. I have been an English teacher for over 20 years, and I have experience teaching General, Business and Academic English at different international settings. This includes a position as a Reading and Writing Tutor at the University of Southampton, UK.

I hold a BA in English Studies and an MA in English Studies (pathway: Criticism and Theory), and I am a DELTA Cambridge trained TEFL teacher (specialism in EAP). I have a passion for the language required for academic studies, so I love teaching IELTS and my favourite age group to teach are adults.

When I am not teaching, I am thinking about how to improve my students’ learning experience, I really believe in catering to an individual’s needs. Discovering the learners’ personal goals and trying to lead them to the success they envision is important to me. I am firm believer in the saying: “where there is a will, there is a way.”

My name is Spyridoula Delimitrou and I come from Greece. In 2007 I completed my studies in Greek Philology and two years ago I was certified in Adult Education. I got engaged in this field eleven years ago and since then I have been teaching the Greek language and History to teenage students and young adults who aim to obtain the equivalent degree.

The love for my job and my restless character towards anything innovative and different has led me to develop and expand my knowledge by receiving the Certification of Teaching Greek as a Second Foreign Language. This is how my collaboration with adult learners of different nationalities who wish to explore the secrets and richness of the Greek language begins.

In my free time I enjoy reading, travelling a lot so as to explore different cultures, customs and traditions and finally I love dancing

  • 2005

    Πτυχίο Αγγλικής Γλώσσας και Φιλολογίας.

  • 2013

    Μεταπτυχιακό στη Διδασκαλία της Αγγλικής ως Δεύτερης/Ξένης Γλώσσας.

  • 2005-2021

     Διδακτική εμπειρία σε μαθητές ποικίλων ηλικιών, επιπέδων και αναγκών.

  • 2020

    Δημιουργία  της Online LinguaTerra.

Είμαι η Γεωργία Γεωργογιάννη, γεννημένη και μεγαλωμένη στην Ελλάδα και είμαι συνιδρύτρια της Online LinguaTerra. Ασχολούμαι με τη διδασκαλία της Αγγλικής Γλώσσας από το 2005 και έχω διδάξει περισσότερες από 15.000 ώρες σε διαφορετικά πλαίσια στην Ελλάδα και την Αγγλία. Είμαι απόφοιτη της Αγγλικής Φιλολογίας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών και κάτοχος μεταπτυχιακού διπλώματος στη διδασκαλία της Αγγλικής (MA in TESOL). Κατέχω επίσης την πιστοποίηση TEFL.

Εκτός από τη διδασκαλία σε μικρά παιδιά και ενήλικες, έχω διδάξει πρόσφυγες, ως μέρος της προετοιμασίας τους για τις εξετάσεις των Αγγλικών. Αγαπώ ιδιαίτερα τη διδασκαλία με τη χρήση της τεχνολογίας καθώς και την αξιολόγηση. Είμαι εξετάστρια προφορικών για τις εξετάσεις  Cambridge και  LanguageCert. Γνωρίζοντας πολύ καλά πως οι διαφορετικές ηλικίες χρειάζονται διαφορετική προσέγγιση, ολοκλήρωσα ένα σεμινάριο με θέμα το Θέατρο στην εκπαίδευση για να κάνω τα μαθήματά μου ακόμη πιο ενδιαφέροντα και διασκεδαστικά.

Οδηγούμενη από πάθος για δημιουργία, ο στόχος μου είναι η διαμόρφωση ενός νέο τρόπου σκέψης στον  τομέα της εκμάθησης της γλώσσας και να αφήσω το στίγμα μου στην εκπαιδευτική κοινότητα.